This page presents all of the wonderful videos that were produced in the Fall of 2017 for the ministerial search website called "Singing Our Song". Many of you are featured in these videos and our mighty Chalice Singers sing the soundtrack.

The UUAA Ministerial Search Team created the "Singing Our Song" website to provide information about UUAA to applicants for our next Senior Minister. The website presents many aspects of our beloved congregation, showcasing our music ministries, social justice outreach, Spiritual Growth and Development programs, our rich history, small group ministries, our beautiful building and grounds, and much, much more. Some of these programs are presented in the videos and some are in other parts of the web site. The Search Team hopes to make the full web site available to the congregation in the future.

Videos were produced by Search Team member Mike Halerz.

When you play the videos, you can turn on captions or blow the video up to full screen size using the controls in the lower right corner of the video.


Welcome to UUAA (1:51)


Where We Gather (2:44)


Who We Are (3:12)


Sunday Services (2:35)


Our Worship Team (2:53)


Our Music (3:21)


Our Youth (3:19)


 Our Social Justice Work (2:59)


What We Love (6:44)