Pastoral Care at UUAA

If you currently are in need of pastoral care, you can reach the Care Team in the following ways:

  1. Call UUAA a 734-665-6158 and ask for Pastoral Care.  During office hours, you will be directed to Quiana Perkins, Pastoral Care Coordinator.  After office hours, call the same number and follow the prompts to reach Quiana in the evening or leave a message.
  1. Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (We will attempt to respond to your call or email within 24 hours.)  
  1. You can speak directly to Quiana or a member of the Care Team on Sunday during the Social Hour after each service.  We can be found at the Pastoral Care/Involvement table at the east end of the Social Hall.  


New Pastoral Care Network

On Sunday, May 19th, the NEW UUAA Pastoral Care Network was introduced to the Congregation.This network approach combines the skills and strengths of the ministerial team and the congregation to provide assistance in times of need and joy.
A key element of the network is congregant to congregant care (congregants offering help to each other).

We have a new Pastoral Care Team working with Quiana Perkins, our Pastoral Care Coordinator, to manage the network. THE NETWORK NEEDS YOU!

We are asking that each member commit, as spiritual practice, to performing 1-2 acts of care a year. The Pastoral Team looks forward to serving our beloved community!




Pastoral Care Coordinator


Quiana Perkens 2019Quiana Perkins Social Justice and Pastoral Care Ministries Coordinator As your new Pastoral Care Coordinator I see pastoral care is the way the community cares for itself.  It is the embodiment of the love we share for each other, encompassing times of need and joy.   Pastoral care is the umbrella term for all the care we offer each other.  Many calls for short term pastoral care can be met , with effective coordination, congregant to congregant.  Other calls for care such as counseling for a serious medical diagnosis or loss of a loved one need to be met by a minister.

Work is progressing to create an interactive system to meet the care needs in our large and growing congregation.  I meet regularly with the ministers and staff to coordinate and provide care.  Recruitment and training is underway for lay members to serve with me on our Care Team to facilitate a timely and effective response to requests for pastoral care.  Working with the lay leaders of large group ministries we’re finding a  member of each group who will serve and be trained as a liaison to the Care Team.  We will soon be asking everyone’s participation in our care network.  

I look forward to being in community with you. 

Quiana Perkins, Social Justice and Pastoral Care Coordinator

My office hours are Sunday 9:00-2:00; Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 12:00-9:00 and Thursday 9:00-4:30.

“At the heart of our caring is the willingness to be more vulnerable and therefore more fully alive than ever before. This is the power that keeps us returning day by day to the ever-changing journey of caregiving.”


Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.