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Beginning in the Spring of 2012, the Mindful Eating Coalition, under the facilitation of Colleen Crawley, has been assisting farmer Bill Schmid on his small farm around the corner from our church building.

"Farmer Bill", as we've come to call him, has been donating fresh vegetables to Food Gatherers for many years. Due to an arthritic condition, Farmer Bill realized that he would not be able to keep up the pace of his giving. Since the UUAA already had a relationship with Food Gatherers, they approached they approached Colleen Crawley, co-chair of the Mindful Eating Coalition, to ask for help.

Colleen and many congregants stepped up to the plate, helping to plant seeds and seedlings in the spring, amending the soil, watering, watering, watering, weeding, and whatever else Farmer Bill needed. See these photos.

We are now helping with the fun part - reaping what we've all sewn.

Below are some photos from the garden in July - September.

fb3withbuckets9.10 fbhoop9.10
Colleen, Mary Anne, and Cathy with garden's bounty. Raised beds
fbcara9.10 fbstand9.10
Cara happily picking tomatoes Farm stand
fbcathy9.10 fbmike9.10
Cathy picking tomatoes Mike loves watering!
fbpeppers9.10 fbtomatoes9.9
Colorful peppers Alex and Meg show the farm's beautiful tomato selection
fbmegalice9.9 fbveggies9.10
Alex and Meg take a break. Many kinds of produce at the farm.
fbjuly7 fbjuly5
Farmer Bill with corn Tomatoes
fbjuly1 fbjuly9
Weeding in progress Side view
fbjuly2 fbjuly3
Cabbage, broccoli plants Green tomatoes
fbjuly4 fbjuly8
Green tomatoes Corn