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The Theory of Change, shown below, shows the priority areas within UUAA Community Engagement and UUAA Inside the Congregation. The items outlined in purple had the most congregational interest and urgency and will receive our first focus as we work toward strategic planning.

The Theory of Change was created using all of the congregation (adult and youth) and staff input from visioning sessions. It spotlights what we, collectively, are proud of and value, what we see as assets to leverage, and how we see the UUAA’s role over the next generation.

To interpret the Theory of Change, begin at the bottom:
The first row (bottom) shows the key, bedrock values that we share; The next row up shows the aspects of UUAA that make us a bit unique, even among UU congregations. The next two rows spotlight our strengths and how we are poised to make changes, and then a set of changes needed to overcome some of our challenges.

The rows labelled "UUAA Inside the Congregation" (11 items) and the row "UUAA Community Engagement" (8 items) have now been prioritized. All of the items are on our "to-do" list, but those outlined in purple will receive first focus. This does NOT mean that other areas will receive no attention. In fact, many will get addressed next Fall, as we craft action plans for the higher prioritized areas—for example, working on Environmental and Climate Justice will certainly involve outreach to, and leadership development of younger and more diverse people.TOCpictureMarch2020