When you attend a Visioning Session, you answer a set of "key questions" and interact with others in your group to find themes in the responses.


The Key Questions that you will consider

Part I- Think of UUAA As It Is Today

  • What happens at UUAA that makes you come alive, brings you joy, and gives you hope?
  • When people ask you why you come to UUAA, what do you tell them you are proud of and value most?
  • What are the current strengths of UUAA that we can draw upon to build our future?

Part II - Boldly Imagine UUAA In the FUTURE

  • Imagine UUAA a generation from now – what is happening, what and who is around you, and how do you feel?
  • Based on this imagined future what are we inspired to do inside our congregation?
  • What role should UUAA play in the wider community – who/what should we be connected to?

Part III - Commitment and Challenges

  • How would you like to contribute or become more involved in the life of our congregation?
  • What are the BIG challenges facing our congregation that are getting in the way of our full potential?


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