2017-18 Discussion Topics - UUAA Humanist Study Group

This year the Humanist Study Group also offered and conducted a seminar for the whole congregation based on the book Humanist Voices in Unitarian Universalism. We offered a 7 week course on the same topic in the spring of 2018 as an Adult Spiritual Growth and Development class.

The group considered the following 42 topics, articles and/or books in 2017-18.
1. “Humanism” from Enlightenment Now by Pinker
2. “God” from Kauffman’s book Reinventing the Sacred
3. “The Worship of Man” from Harari’s book Homo Sapiens
4. PRRI-Religion- Report
5. “Spiritual but not religious”- inside America's rapidly growing faith group
6. “Atheism and the toxic side of online atheism”
7. “Are religious people more moral?”
8. “Freemasons And Illuminati Are Using Frequency To Change DNA to Make
People Hate Trump.”
9. HUUmanists History and Mission
10. “How Poverty Kills Wonder and What We Can Do About It.”
11. “Feeding on the Faithful.”
12. Bibliography and Writings on Humanism
13. “The Humanist Quest for Meaning.”
14. “Philosophy of Naturalism” from Wikipedia.
15. “Don’t Believe in God? Maybe You’ll Try U.F.O's.”
16. “Black Atheists Explain What It's Like to Be a 'Double Minority'”
17. “What’s so Troubling about Funding a Playground?”
18. “Is the Supreme Court Killing Secularism.”
19. “Why Are Atheists Generally Smarter Than Religious People.”
20. “Questions and Ideas about the Virtue of Fairness.”
21. “How Bad Biology is Killing the Economy.”
22. “I Worship Jesus not the Earth.”
23. “The Happiness Hypothesis” by Haidt.
24. “What Monkeys Can Teach Us About Fairness.”
25. “Right-Wing Christian Calls for a 'More Violent Christianity'.”
26. “Sources of Cohesion in a Multicultural Society.”
27. “White supremacists turn to Norse mythology vs. ‘mongrel’ Jesus.”
28. “Trump's Self-sabotage is Rooted in his Past.”
29. “Wherever You Go, There They Are.”
30. “Study finds link between brain damage and religious fundamentalism.”
31. “China is becoming hooked on the opium of the people.”
32. “Liturgy for the Nones”
33. “The Collapse of American Identity.”
34. “Meet the Modern Pagans.”35. “Douthat’s Wager—Go to Church, Even if you don’t Believe.”
36. “A Meditation On ‘Evil.’”
37. “Save the Mainline.”
38. “Where Evangelicals Came From” by Garry Wills.
39. “The Humanist Revolution.”
40. “The Religious Origins of Fake News.”
41. “Essentials of Humanism.”
42. “Humanism at 100.”


2016-17 Discussion Topics - UUAA Humanist Study Group

The following topics were discussed by the UUAA Humanist Study Group in 2016-2017.

Democrats Have a Religion Problem

Why Being “Faith Friendly” isn’t Worth it for Democrats

Costs of Racism

Disturbing Words and Humanist Alternatives

Media, Morality and the Neighbor’s Cow

National Geographic-Unlocking the Healing Power of You

A Church That Would Have You as a Member

Humanists and Words

Rising to Heaven in a Secular Rapture

Election Follow up

Six Aspects of Humanist Spirituality

Humanist Election Conversation

Spiritual Practices--What and How?

Mary's Mother in Law

Concepts of Spirituality

Breeden-Humanism: Who We Are; What We Do; Why It Matters

Breeden-One Hundred Years of Humanism

Breeden-Theology is Words

Hutcheon-A Humanist Perspective on Spirituality

What does Spiritual Growth and Development Mean?

Feeling Awe May Be the Secret to Health and Happiness

Conflict at Work

Budd Sermon-People of the Word

What Religion Would Jesus Belong To

Freethinker-Friendly Initiative

The Meaning of Make Believe

Our Heritage of Humanism

Kentucky judge refuses to marry atheist couple that wouldn’t mention God in their vows

Christian conservatives want to regulate sex—and deny it to the poor

Eight Key Polarities for Thriving Congregations

Catholicism's struggling despite Pope Francis

In Praise of Secular Church Services

Political, Religious, Social, and Party Identities

How do Christians and Atheists Compare on Muslim Tolerance

God Is a Question

What if Animals Believe in God

Brains Wired for Morality by Evolution

U.S. religious groups and their political leanings

In the Beginning was Not the Word

Where Evangelicals Came From

Enhancing Virtues-Fairness

The Humanist Revolution

Three book reviews-All Too Human

Atheism’s Dark Side

The Religious Origins of Fake News

Essentials of Humanism

Humanism at 100

Why Facts don’t Change our Minds

Why “religion or politics?” is the Wrong Question and Answer

Humanist Manifestos

UUAA History: 150th Anniversary

Spectrum Humanist Experience

What Bannon Really Wants

Healthy and Unhealthy Characteristics of Spiral Levels

Donald Trump, the Religious Right’s Trojan Horse

Humanism, Speciesism, and the Baggage of Words

Light a Candle In Berlin

Virtue Ethics

Format for Presentation of Articles in Humanist Group

Definition of a Christian

Stronger than we Look

The Evangelical Scion Who Stopped Believing

Werner, Regaining Balance