chaliceflameThis winter congregants and staff at UUAA have been in conversation about what matters to us in our Sunday services. Three documents are available that show some of this ongoing conversation.

- On Sunday, January 19, 2019, a "snapshot survey" gathered comments and suggestions about Sunday services from 362 participants (we currently have 632 adult members). Participants were very positive in their remarks, especially about music and staff. You can follow this link to see the summarized results, including a link to the full (anonymized) collected results.


- On Sunday, December 9, 2018, the UUAA community participated in a "question box" Sunday service, submitting questions that reflected on what felt spiritually important or pressing to them at the time; issues that they might be actively wrestling with. 250 congregants of all ages submitted questions. Some were read and answered in the service (audio recording available using this link). The 250 submissions were categorized and summarized in this document titled "Our Spiritual Questions".

- Over the fall of 2018, the UUAA Worship Team met together in several sessions to articulate and clarify the values that they collaboratively seek to hold and bring alive in our Sunday services. In the document "Sharing Our Values" they give voice to their shared vision for UUAA services that are inclusive, collaborative, beautiful, meaningful, relational and moving.