This page describes our in-person classes held in 2019 just for information.

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 Sixth Grade

11:30 am

6graphicBuilding Bridges: Through this long-time favorite class, we invite our young people to learn about and then visit other religious groups in their services.  Through experiencing a diversity of religious possibilities, youth grow in appreciation and understanding of other faith traditions, and our own.



Seventh Grade

11:30 am

8graphicValues, Leadership, and Team-Building:  Youth develop communication and team-building skills while exploring and discussing individual and community value systems. Connections to Unitarian Universalist traditions and social justice issues will  be a foundation for group discussions and projects.



Eighth Grade

11:30 am

owlgraphicOur Whole Lives (OWL): A comprehensive sexuality curriculum that includes topics such as self-awareness, body awareness, values, language, anatomy, physiology, gender roles, gender equality, and relationship skills. In order to support learning and group trust levels, regular attendance is required.  Parent orientation is also required.