Unitarian Universalists (UUs) often feel moved to Side with Love. We wear the easily identified bright gold shirts to clearly show our support in the Side with Love campaign  which is bigger than the UU community. We know that our works of collective love are more powerful than our individual fear. Our faith wakes us up in the morning, reminding us that we are called to act in this time. We see Side with Love as an expanding campaign that can be a balm of fortification. Fortification for our social justice movements. Fortification for our activists and faith leaders. Fortification for what this time requires of us. 

For many of us, this campaign is much more than a slogan or logo; it is a values statement to take to heart and live by Side with Love (formerly called Standing on the Side of Love) began as an open-source campaign, and has spread throughout the Unitarian Universalist world as an important way that we can show up in the world. While Side with Love is most closely associated with Unitarian Universalism, it remains steadfastly open to people of all faiths, and people whose only faith is LOVE.